Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Banded by the Boyfriend

My boyfriend of four years has a very astute knowledge of my fascination with emasculation and, over the many months of sexual escapades, he has been a good sport about it.  He lets me bust him every once in a while and participates in roleplays with me and while it gets my motor running, I could never dream of actually hurting him or emasculating him.  Luckily, there is a thing called fiction, in which I can live out my darkest fantasies.  Muhaha.  So, I dedicate my first story to my man, Ethan.

(As a sidenote, this story was hastily written and I was interrupted while writing, so please forgive any mistakes, such as unintentional tone shifts or typographical errors.  Thanks!)

This story contains: Ballbusting, Castration, Hardcore and softcore themes.

Banded by the Boyfriend

Out of everything that happened that night, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look on his face when they dropped.  He visibly changed in a way that I don’t feel possible to describe in words.  He didn’t blanch or shudder or make any sort of sound, but something in him changed.  His lips parted and he took in a very sharp breath.  His spine sort of… stiffened and his eyes glazed over, but only for a few seconds.  In that moment, he lost what was most precious to him and it’s simply impossible to convey such a drastic change in text.

He had absolutely no idea.  I think that was the best part of the whole situation.  He thought it was just going to be another night of roleplaying with his castration-crazed boyfriend – but it was more.  So much more.  We were laying on our bed, as we sometimes do after dinner, and catching up on our favorite show on television.  He was wearing a t-shirt and his favorite pair of boxers – a tight-fitting pair with a black and orange plaid design – and I was dressed in an expensive pair of silk shorts that felt so nice when I wore them.  Ethan had his head on my chest and, as a commercial aired, he looked up at me cutely and smiled.  I kissed him warmly on his full, pink lips and put my arm around him in a caring fashion.  In no time, there was quite a tent in my silk shorts.  Even after four years, he still had  that effect on me. 

He noticed, of course, and chuckled.  “Wanna fool around?” he asked, tracing the bulge of my thickened cock with his fingertips.  I maneuvered so that we were face-to-face and kissed him deeply, leaning into him so that he could feel my hardness on his thigh.  I moved to the side of his head and whispered softly in his ear, “I want to watch you give me your balls.”

Ethan pushed me away playfully and laughed.  I smiled, but I was still intent on a night of roleplaying.  He looked me in the eyes and his face straightened.  “Oh, you’re serious?  Okay, then, Mr. Castrator-Man.  What’re you gonna do to me?”  Grinning, I took his hand and stood up from the bed.  I led him to the garage, where we normally play when I’m feeling frisky, and dug around in my ‘toolbox’ for our usual toys. 

I pulled out two pairs of handcuffs, a length of rope, and my Callicrate Bander, which was a favorite of mine.  As I turned around, I saw Ethan step out of his boxers and toss them on top of his crumpled t-shirt, which lied on the floor.  There he stood in all of his beauty, his perfectly chiseled body untouched by clothing and his large cock quickly stiffening in the air of lust that surrounded us.  I couldn’t help but notice his gorgeous golden hair, his sapphire-colored eyes, his pert, pink nipples… it was like seeing everything for the first time.  I knew then that tonight was different.  Tonight was the night.  I had seen Ethan’s goods many times before but that night, as I looked him over in those few short moments, my eyes settled on his bulging sac, where his two big balls nestled peacefully, churning semen for the soon-expected orgasm.  Instantly, I started fantasizing about making the final crank on the bander, sealing off his nads for good… My own cock became a steel rod as it stiffened to its limit at the thought.

I quickly stripped and moved towards Ethan, kissing his beautiful face, his sensual lips, and his masculine neck.  I settled on his shoulders, kissing and moaning as I groped his rear with my hands.  Between us, our dicks began to rub against one another, spilling precum onto each other and wrestling in their own special way.  I couldn’t resist my urges any longer.  Tonight, I busted Ethan for the last time.

As usual, Ethan would play the role of the victim and I, his heartless emasculator.  I cuffed each of his wrists to a special bar that hung from the garage ceiling – it’s primary purpose was to hold tools and such on the hooks across its length, but we often use it for our ‘special’ nights.  Next, I tied each of his ankles with the rope to steel loops sprouting from the garage floor; once again, its other purpose, which was to prevent car tires from crushing lengths of wire, was not needed for tonight.

Soon, my pretty victim was secured to the immovable room, his legs spread apart so that his velvety scrotum hung free and his arms tied to prevent interference with my actions.  I came close to Ethan once more, kissing him passionately and allowing our bodies to intermingle with each other.  We were both horny as fuck and ready for release.  I went back to my toolbox and dug out a small bottle, which held about forty small blue pills.  I took one from the bottle and returned to my love, asking him to hold out his tongue.  I placed the pill and he swallowed it gratefully.  It was common practice – we sometimes like a little ‘performance booster’ so that we can go for three or more rounds  of lovemaking.  He questioned nothing.  I couldn’t help but to feel incredibly naughty, but in a good way, as I prepared for his final night as a man.

Finally, all was ready.  The festivities could begin.  I could hardly contain my excitement: I was constantly smiling like an idiot and giggling feverishly.  I couldn’t help but to fondle his bag, feeling the presence of his spuds, and wondering what it would be like without them there.  I wouldn’t have to wonder for long…

I looked up at him and smiled as I gently gave his ballbag a squeeze.  “You’ve been a very naughty boy, haven’t you?” I asked playfully.  “You think you have it under control.  You think you can hide it.  You jack off several times a day, ask your boyfriend for sex constantly, and do all you can to keep your cock nice and satisfied.”

Ethan grinned.  He secretly relished the whole discipline act. 

“But you fucked up, didn’t you?  Went and stuck your dick in some other boy’s hole.  Cheated on me.  Well, I’m going to fix quite a few problems with one simple tool, tonight,” I added, cheekily.  I lifted up the bander I had been hiding behind my back.  Ethan feigned surprise.  “Do you know what this is?” I asked.  Ethan shook his head “no”.  “It’s called a ‘bander’.  It’s used to castrate animals, but it works quite well on humans, too.  I think this is going to fix our little problem.  You see, without nuts, you won’t be a slave to your hormones anymore and… well, my other boyfriends will know not to sleep around.”

In his usual patronizing victim’s voice, he began to beg.  “No, no, no.  Please, please, don’t castrate me!  Please, don’t take my nuts!  I won’t ever cheat again – I promise!”

“It’s too late for that,” I said, squeezing his balls a little firmer.  “Although, I do think you deserve some punishment before we go ahead and nut you… I’ll tell you what: if you don’t make a noise while I bust your balls a bit, you can keep ‘em.  Deal?”

Ethan’s eyes opened in false surprise and he nodded his head vigorously.  “Yes!  Yes!  I’ll do anything you ask, just don’t castrate me!  Please!”

I smiled.  He was quite a good actor, that one.  I wondered idly what he’d sound like when the situation turned real.

I set the bander down on the floor and got on my knees.  His cock was just about eye-level with me, which left his balls in the perfect position for me to fondle and squeeze with my hands.  I reached up between his legs and took his smooth sac in my left hand, squeezing it so that his twin orbs fell to the bottom of his sac, the scrotal skin stretched against their surface.  With my stronger hand, I began to flick his balls, one at a time, interchanging with each flick.  As time went on, the flicks got increasingly stronger until I was hitting them as hard as I could.  Normally, I don’t try to inflict any serious pain – just enough to get him to groan or nurse his nuts.  Tonight, he was visibly flinching with each hit.

I grew bored quite quickly and began to softly bat both of his balls back and forth with my hand.  They’d swing for a bit between his legs and I’d hit them just a touch harder to get them to swing again.  With each hit, once again, I increased in intensity and soon, I began punching his balls with quite a bit of force.  His knees were beginning to shake and I could tell that he was trying to keep from protest so not to infringe upon my fun.  God, I couldn’t have picked a sweeter guy.

I gave him a fierce punch, directly hitting both nads, and he groaned.  “C’mon, Mitchell, babe… that’s too rough,” he said weakly.  The pain in his voice was real.  I grinned.

“Oh, poor, poor Ethan.  You just spoke.  That’s gonna cost you your nuts,” I said sympathetically.  Before he could speak again, I punched him solidly, harder than before.  WHAM! 

He doubled over – well, as far as he could, being tied to the floor and ceiling – and coughed.  “Babe, too hard!” he said, his voice shaking.

I punched again, even harder than the past two jabs.  WHAM!  He groaned loudly.  Unghhhhhh... Mitchell… what’re you doing?!  Mmm….”

“Don’t worry, baby,” I said sweetly, “when I nut you, they’ll stop hurting.”  In response, he coughed.

By this time, the Viagra had kicked in and despite the beating his nuts were taking, Ethan’s rigid pole stood at full attention. 

“Look at this… Even now, you can’t control your hormones.  I’m beating your balls and your dick’s still as hard as iron.  Castration is definitely the answer for you,” I said, wrapping my hand around his thick, circumcised shaft.  He had finished groaning by this time and was able to speak solidly once more.  “Mitchell, babe, I know you’re into this stuff, but this really hurts.”

Without responding, I lifted his throbbing manhood out of the way and forcefully lifted my knee into his sac.  His balls traveled upward on my knee cap before they were violently squished against his pelvic bone.  Before he could make a sound or any sort of physical movement, I did it again.  And again.  WHAM!  WHAM! WHAM!  I lost count of how many times my knee felt his delicate almonds crack against it.  Never before had I kneed him with such intensity.  It was an overwhelming feeling of power and domination.  Almost as if a reflex, my left hand flew to my cock and started jerking as I held Ethan’s in my right.  WHAM!  WHAM!  Twice more I tried to paste his nuts against his pelvic bone, but I couldn’t control my own urges any longer.

I let his cock go and moved away from him to grab the large tube of anal lubricant I had stashed in my toolbox.  While I was preparing, I could hear him moaning pitifully.  I was incredibly turned on.  I spun around, eager to bury my cock in his perfectly round ass, and saw his hanging loose against his binds, his nuts high in their sac, as if to hide from another beating.  His thick sword throbbed even harder, nonetheless.  I grinned evilly.

Quickly, I got behind him, took a firm hold of his waist, and began pumping away.  I fucked him fast and deep, eager to relieve my own pent-up load.  The whole time, I could feel him trying to pull away from me, but his bonds wouldn’t allow it and he was too afraid to speak, I think.  He did not moan or seem to enjoy the fucking as he normally would when bottoming.  When I neared orgasm, I reached down between his legs and took a firm grasp on his balls, once again.  I felt him gasp, in shock and fear, and I couldn’t help but laugh aloud.  As I approached the edge of ecstasy, I forced my quaking cock as far into his ass as I could possibly push and, as my load poured out of my balls, I squeezed Ethan’s with a stonefisted grasp.  I could feel his body react to both the pain of his crushed spuds as well as the warm stickiness quickly invading him.  I stood there for quite a while, catching my breath and coming down from the orgasm, his balls still clutched between my fingers.  When I pulled away, I felt as completely tranquil as one can only feel after a perfect climax.  But, I still had a lot to do.

Ethan was quite a sight at this point.  He hung there, looser than ever – in a way, he was submitting to his binds.  His testicles were still high in his sac and my recently-spent spunk dotted the surface of his ass and thigh.  I quickly realized that if I was going to act, now was the time as dazed as he seemed to be.

I picked up the Callicrate bander and loaded it with a thick rubber loop.  I aligned the metal tab with the crimping tool, placed the little rubber washer in the loop from underneath, and extended the loop to full size, ready to band.  I returned to my position behind Ethan and put three fingers and my thumb through the loop, as I watched the man in the instructional video do, and took hold of Ethan’s velvety, smooth scrotum.  I pulled his balls through the loop, ensuring they were at the bottom of his sac, and pulled the bander around to the back of his scrotum, so that his nuts were resting within the loop.  Remembering every action from the instructional video, I began to crank the lever, which would cause tension in the loop, shrinking it with each rotation of the lever.  The man in the video had said that I could do the first three rotations as rapidly as I wanted, but the fourth and following rotations must be done with care.

Groggily, Ethan spoke.  “What’re you doing, Mitchell?”

I was crazed.  I was focusing all my attention on remembering all the details from the video – I wanted Ethan’s balls, but I wanted him to live through the process.

“Banding you,” I said shortly.  I could feel him moving.  I guessed that he was trying to see around his back.  “Don’t move.  If I don’t get it in the right place, bad things happen.  I have to get it just above your nuts.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Ethan said, more solidly, as if coming to.  “You’re not going to actually band me, are you?”

I looked up at his head.  He had tilted his head in such a way that his nose was buried in his armpit, but his eyes could see behind him and he could observe every action I made.  I made direct eye contact and, in all seriousness, said a single word.  “Yes.”

His eyes widened – not falsely this time – and the sapphire iris grew smaller as his pupils dilated. “Babe… babe, c’mon.  Don’t do this.  If you leave it on too long, it could do damage!  I don’t mind the roleplays, but this is insane!”

I continued to crank the lever, trying to ignore the sound of his voice.  Two rotations down.

“Babe!  MITCHELL!  Listen, stop!  Babe, don’t band me!  I could seriously lose my nuts!”

Three rotations.  Now I had to be careful.  Just like the video said.

“MITCHELL, PLEASE STOP!  I could seriously lose my balls!”

Four roations.


I looked up at him.  “Baby…  I have to castrate you.  I can’t help it.  It’s going to happen.”  With that, I looked back at the bander and continued rotating.

He shook violently.  MITCHELL!  STOP!  LEAVE MY BALLS ALONE!

The loop was getting smaller and smaller.  The thick rubber had become thin and the neck of scrotum was slowly being crushed by the tubing. 

“STOP!  Please!  I’m begging you!  I don’t want to lose my nuts!  Stop!!

I had come to a sixth rotation.  On most bulls, it only took four, but human testicles were much smaller and, thus, so were their scrotums.  The neck of Ethan’s scrotum was being strangled quickly – the loop was becoming oh-so small.  The tension measuring apparatus on the side of the bander was about three-fourths of the way to its mark. 


I continued to rotate the lever and soon, the tension measuring apparatus had moved from one side of the bander to the other.  It was done.  I lifted the crimping lever to smash the metal tab, keeping the loop at its current size and used the special tube-cutting tool to slice off the excess tubing.  Ethan had been banded. 

“FUCK!  OH GOD!  Mitchell, please, man!  Take it off my nuts!  TAKE IT OFF MY NUTS!”

I moved in front of Ethan and looked at his enlarged scrotum.  Already, it was turning a brighter shade of pink than it usually was.  Soon, it would turn red, and then purple, and, as the balls died, black.  It was strange to see, however, as even though his balls were being strangled by the cords, his cock was as thick and hard as ever.  I met his eyes with mine and I could see a stream of tears flowing from each of those two sapphires.  He maintained the eye contact and pleaded.  He spoke calmly and rationally.

“Mitchell.  Babe.  Please.  It hurts so bad… It feels like you’re kicking me again, but it’s constant.” He paused to groan.  Unghhh… “Babe.  Please, take it off my balls.  If you don’t, I’ll… I’ll be castrated.  Please.  Please take it off my balls.”

My own cock began to stiffen once again.  I bent down and looked closely at his balls.  They were quickly losing their pinkish hue and turning a darker, more violent shade of red.  They looked so beautiful.

“Mitchell?” Ethan asked in a strained voice.  “Mitchell, please.  It’s killing my nuts.  It’s literally killing my nuts!  If you don’t take it off, we’ll never be able to have sex again.  I’ll be a eunuch!  Please, babe!  I want my balls!  I don’t want to lose my balls!!”

I thought it over in my head.  And he was right.  Without his nuts, he’d most likely never be able to get hard again – at least, not without testosterone injections.  I looked back at his dying balls.  They were a darker shade of red than last I saw.  I moved my eyes a few inches up and saw that the Viagra was still keeping his massive member erect. 

“You’re right,” I said, still looking directly at his cock.  “Without your balls, we won’t have sex again.”

Ethan groaned.  “Yeah!  Yeah!  Unghhh… Please, Mitchell.  Take it off my balls!”

“I can’t.  I want you to lose them,” I responded.


“Since this is probably your last hard-on, we should make it count…”

“Just take it off!  Take it off my balls!  It doesn’t have to be my last hard-on!  Take it off my balls!”

Slowly, I took the head of Ethan’s cock between my lips and began giving him the best blowjob I could manage.  I did not bite or scratch, as I normally do when I’m feeling especially ‘frisky’ – I figured that he was already in enough pain.  I was very careful in every movement I made, even down to how softly or how roughly I would slide my tongue across his glans.  I took care to be as loving and sensual as I could; I tried to pay attention to every detail of my oral prowess to ensure the absolute most pleasurable experience for him.  I had hoped to take his mind off of his strangling nads, but I doubt that anything could’ve. 

After only a few moments, I felt Ethan’s last load of sperm surge through his shaft.  The head of his cock swelled and my mouth filled with his cream.  He began to groan and thrash about as his balls tried to push semen through his crushed cords.  I swallowed and placed a hand on his dying sac sympathetically.  It was not as warm as it usually was – this was a good sign.  His balls were nearing their end and soon, the pain would be over.  After wiping my mouth on the back of my hand, I stood and kissed Ethan; just a quick peck on the lips.  He pulled away from me and more tears fell.

“Please, Mitchell…” he began.  “If you love me, please take this band off my balls.”

I placed my hand against his face and brushed away his tears with my thumb, frowning all the while.  “Baby, you know I love you.”

“Then please… Please, take off the band… before it’s too late.  I can feel it – they’re not going to last for very much longer… Please.”

I moved my hand to his shoulder and squeezed it comfortingly.  “The pain will stop soon.”

I moved away from Ethan then, and went back to my toolbox.  I picked up a pair of pruning shears that I often use to playfully threaten him with a quick unmanning.  In this case, they would serve just that purpose.  As I turned and displayed what I held, Ethan’s eyes grew wide in fear for the final time that night.

“Mitchell, no!  Please!  Just take off the band!  Don’t cut them off, just take off the band!”

I stared straight ahead.  “You know, on the FAQ of the bander website, it said that you could cut the testicles off about three inches below the band, if you so desired… but that’s on a bull’s bag… I think yours should be done about half an inch from the band.”

“MITCHELL!  Don’t!  Don’t put that near my nuts!  Please!”

I kept moving forward.  Ethan began to struggle against his binds even harder than before.  Even though his precious orbs were probably already dead, he wanted to keep them for as long as possible.

“Mitchell!  Please, babe!  Please!  Let me keep my nuts!  I like my nuts!  Let me keep them, PLEASE!”

For the third time that night, I got on my knees in front of the beautiful young man.  Slowly, I rose the pruning shears and, very carefully, I opened their jaws and placed them across Ethan’s dark-red scrotum, just under the band. 

“Mitchell, please!  NOT MY BALLS!”

Quickly, I snapped the jaws shut.  They tore through his beautiful sac, severed his twin cords, and what seemed to be in slow motion, his scrotum, stuffed full of everything that made him a man, fell to the ground, hitting the garage floor with a SPLAT!

The look on his face will stay with me for the rest of my life.  His lips were just slightly parted.  As I made the cut, he took in a sharp breath and his eyes dilated wider than before, the sapphire of his iris disappearing almost completely.  His cheeks were flushed and his masculine neck stood paralyzed, his Adam’s apple frozen in the center.  His spine had stiffened and his body did not move.  Then, his eyes glazed, just for a moment… I believe this is when his manhood left him. 

With no reason to fight anymore, Ethan simply slumped in his binds.  I hadn’t realized it during the actual cutting, but when I snapped the jaws shut, I had involuntarily blown a second load.  Ethan’s severed almonds had landed amidst the semen, which seemed fitting.  I had unmanned him and shown that I was, in fact, still a man.  Almost poetic.

Nearly two months later, many things have changed.  Ethan and I are still together and, although I apologize, he does not acknowledge any harsh feelings about his unmanning.  Oftentimes, I will catch him fondling what is left of his empty scrotum.  I think he is comparing the weight that is no longer there with the heavy stones that used to be present there.  Also, I will catch him nonchalantly or idly fondling my balls when we lie naked together.  I often wonder what goes through his mind.

He also has become the permanent bottom in the relationship.  He rarely gets erect anymore and, when he does, he says that he feels limited pleasure in sex and, thus, pleasures me instead.  He refuses to take hormones, saying that they aren’t natural.  Despite seeing him like this – a broken eunuch – I cannot say that I regret that night.  It is still the most intense sexual pleasure I have ever experienced.  Although I would never leave Ethan, I often wonder if I would obtain the same pleasure if I were to band another man…

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An Introduction

Greetings and salutations.  My name is Mitchell and this - this wonderful mixture of purple, black, and scantily clad young men - is my blog.  Although it is somewhat subtle, the focus of this blog will be erotic fiction with themes of ballbusting.  In this short introduction, I will share with you, my beautiful readers, what I plan to do with the space Blogger has allotted me and what you can do to help!

With any luck, I'll have a new erotic work of fiction posted every week.  These stories will either be written by me, submitted by fans, or found in various places around the internet by yours truly.  I also hope to, from time to time, post pictures and videos of cute young men getting their nuts crunched. 

Now, of course, the term "ballbusting" is a bit ambiguous as it can change from blog to blog or website to website, so let me give you the rundown of how I see things.  Personally, I love the more explicit stuff.  While it's arousing to see a lad get hit in his lower potatoes, or read a story where two hunks beat the hell out of each other's walnuts, I like to read a good castration fic.  I understand that this isn't everybody's cup of tea, so I'll try to post mixed stories - some hardcore ones including testicular rupture and castration; and some softcore ones including sac tapping and the like. 

So, what can you - the reader - do to assist little ol' me? Well, it's quite simple. First, comments and feedback are essential. Tell me what you like and what you don't and I'll make changes accordingly. Also, as I said, I'll be taking and sharing fan submissions, so if you've got a story that you'd like to see on the blog, send it to my e-mail and I'll review it. If I like what I see, you can bet your balls it'll be posted for all to see. Lastly, I'll be hosting polls from time to time to get a feel of what people what to see and read. If there's a poll on the sidebar, RESPOND. It won't submit your name to a government database or steal your firstborn children; it just gives me the feedback nervous authors
oh-so need.

Thanks for checking out the blog! I'm sure with time, this thing will grow and get the attention it needs to flourish. As a sign of good faith, I leave you with this video:

These guys punish each other's nuts pretty well.  They also, apparently, like to staple themselves...